Outsoursing Services


Risks measured, conscious decision making. It is essential to know suppliers, partners and representatives of the company beyond the potential risks of this relationship. With that, Supplier Risk Management is a tool that builds a broad and transparent picture, assessing whether the partner can meet the company's expectations regarding its suitability, integrity, ethical compliance, even if it is a practitioner of conduct contrary to Values ​​of the company. Our work generates improvements such as:

  • Minimization of losses
  • Improved stakeholder and control confidence
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory principles, as well as international guidelines
  • Agreement with the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law, Law n. 12.846 / 2013
  • Generating data and information with greater security and confidence
  • Reduction of financial risks, image and co-responsibility
  • Independent evaluations and without conflicts of interest

      The communication channel is a key tool for the development of ethics, transparency and accountability. The consultancy offers choices so that communication can be made through 0800 connection and a web platform. In both,D & F has trained analysts to receive the best information. The advisory suggests that the channel serves to employees or related parties (person or group that has interest in the company) can report irregularities, fraud, ethical stamp issues or even receive suggestions and improvements proposed in various aspects in enterprise environment, creating thus a direct communication that provides both security and confidence to the reporter as impartiality in the analyzes carried out with the material sent through the Canal. As a differential, consulting offers, in that department, preliminary analysis of the information generated in the channel, assisting in making the company's decision upon the given case.


      It is important that companies know what is published on these on the network. Whereas the instantaneous exchange of information in the digital environment, it is necessary protective measures are taken as soon as the company identifies the Internet something that can cause damage to the company. The risk monitoring Web aims to protect the intangible assets of organizations, integrity, reputation, knowledge and image. Such a tool allows companies to:

      • know what its employees, direct or indirect, former employees and other sources of interest published on these, take science on the existence of inappropriate behavior of these or even offend to the disclosure of information belonging to the company (especially the confidential order) as a new product or a company of the production line;
      • know the competition and its interaction with your audience;
      • understand with greater detail the needs of its market;
      • prevent or identify fraudulent use of the company name;
      • preserve the organization's image against a negative review so it does not take large proportions, such as labor disputes, lack of social and environmental responsibility, among others;
      • carry out specific monitoring for subjects suspected of behavior contrary to company policies and to possible fraud.

      All these analyzes and alerts on measures to be taken, whether preventive or reactive, are performed in an agile manner, independent, impartial and, moreover, are tailored to the scene of each client.