IT Risk Manegement


The concern of organizations with information security is not yet compatible with the negative effect of a digital attack, which can be responsible for large losses for businesses, such as misuse of confidential information or intellectual property, damage to the image or even paralysis and / or activities of non-viability.


With the unstoppable growth of the virtual environment, fraud, adulteration, crime, behavior deviations have also gained versions in digital format. In this scenario, the tools used by companies to protect their integrity and minimize risk must evolve at the same speed. In order to meet this need, the Forensic Analysis Computational relies on a set of techniques for the collection and analysis of digital evidence to enable the identification and construction of certain evidence against fraud or misconduct committed against the company.

They are performed in this service:

  • analysis of digital evidence in cases of fraud or crimes;
  • information retrieval destroyed;
  • research data handling practices;
  • reconstruction of the timeline of events;
  • retrieval of stored data;
  • data preservation;
  • development of Expert Reports impartial and independent, with the creation of evidence for use in domestic or proceeding with monitoring and support during litigation.

Through specific tools, consulting offers continuous monitoring for some IT risk in the corporate environment, to signal situations that can provide risk, create alerts for questioning.

Attacks against the company have the potential power to damage, especially when done by agents who have access within the organization. Proactive security enables prevention and appropriate reaction to evidence generated during monitoring, and perform management of possible faults and previously existing vulnerabilities.


When undesirable things happen, it is of utmost importance that adequate procedures for both regularization of customer activities, and to preserve the right way of attacker's evidence, contributing, in this sense, research and adequate response to the attack.

Response activities incident made correctly enable evidence to be constituted that assist in the forensic audit if it is located. A properly made investigation also enables the development of a response to the attack in the legal field.


One of the activities focusing on the digital medium consists in carrying out a controlled manner tests that assess exposure within the company's IT environment.

Occur in the process, intrusion attempts on the company system that simulate an attack by hackers and thus analyzes the environmental vulnerabilities. Reportedly inform that the service operates in accordance with ethical principles.