Business Intelligence and Forensic Investigation


Prevention of fraud and irregularities or reaction to evidence of illegal acts. Both actions have in common the research work. The Business Intelligence / Forensic Investigation service brings together a complete process of data analysis and analysis, as well as providing better understanding to the client of illicit or unethical situations - such as bribery, corruption, theft, defrauding or fraud - committed against the company by agents Internal or indirectly related to it. D&F's differential is in the combination of expertise and resources for research, as well as a multidisciplinary team that provides knowledge in order to generate results consistent with the client's reality. The work methodology operates on a legal basis, aligned with high ethical standards, providing risk measurement and proof of this in situations of both internal and external context of the company. Our work allows the information obtained through forensic analysis also to be used in judicial cases, also offering, in this sense, customer support.


Complaints that arise within the company, whether made by own ethics channel or in other ways, they are anonymous or not, are of great relevance to the appointment of unusual situations that might lead to identification of fraud, corruption, harassment , deviations, among others. The consulting role is to ascertain the authenticity of the information reported, as well as use as an analytical structure something that can provide higher probability of success of the company and subsequent support for making the best decision on the case. The distance between the decision makers of the company with other operational implementation bases, and have greater contact with specific activities, causes them to be aware of problems that can not occur in the company. So it is extremely important to ascertain because the way of complaints, in order to generate improvements in organizational culture.


Through legal activities of information gathering, the consultancy operates the perspective of competition performance of identification with unfair practices and / or illegal performed in the competitive environment, for example, forgery, tax evasion and patent infringement. Identify threats market allows the elaboration of a correct answer of the injured company and ensures the well-being of economic order.


The background check is intended, in a preventive way and according to the client's needs, gather information, registration and certificates of creating the profile and integrity of conduct of a third- physically or legally person so that risks can be minimized. Through public and private databases are collected relevant data such as: history, corporate and statutes tables, records in regulatory agencies, licenses, among others. The analyzes are of high standard and respect national and international laws. This screening can be modeled and performed at intervals that vary according to the sector and the specific needs of each client. It is tool that can be used in different situations - hires, new business transactions - in order to create transparency and anticipation of the potential risks of knowledge, preserving the company's image.


By the time a relationship is established - whether merger, acquisition, financial transaction or partnership - the parties may omit problems they are facing, such as judicial or labor disputes, so the possible and future partner is unaware of the true risks involve trading. Thus, through investigative acts legal, tax, social security issues, among others, seeks to know the real situation of the person (natural or legal), so that the true risks that were missing are known and measured. It is also an important tool for compliance management. Through investigative acts legal, tax, social security issues, among others, seeks to identify the actual situation of the subject. This preventive activity results in the generation of a more crystalline panorama of negotiation in order so that the true risks they were silent and obscure are known, measured and calculated, so that one can assess the viability of that relationship and can be taken the decision to continuity or not the process.