Our Code of Ethics

The adherence to ethical principles is related to feelings of respect, honesty and integrity, which are fundamental values for the smooth performance of the work. These values are an essential part of the corporate culture of D & F and are fundamental in the life of economic organization.

Business and the conduct of our business operating under the premise that they are governed by laws and regulations, whose observance and application of these are fundamental to the existence and smooth operation of their social environment. While all of these values are already part of our organizational culture and our Company's daily work, it is necessary to formalize and establish a common framework that unifies the criteria and guides the actions of all employees of D & F.

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Transparency and Accountability

Communication and Ethics Channel

Communication and Ethics Channel

The communication channel is a key tool for the development of ethics, transparency and accountability. The consultancy offers choices so that communication can be made through 0800 connection and a web platform. In both, D & F has trained analysts to receive the best information.